Friday, April 17, 2015

One By One

This morning the Birdie Puppy Goodbyes began.  One by one Birdie's sweet Goldendoodle puppies said goodbye to Yesteryear Acres and hello to their new awesome families. The weather was just perfect today for hanging outside and waiting for the new puppy families to arrive.
"Is my new mom here yet!?"

"We are ready to go!"

"Let's play tug of war together one last time"

"My brother will never find me!"

"Ummmm or maybe he will!"
"Waiting makes me tired"

"We still have time to stop and smell the flowers!"

"Time to go?"

"One last sniff before I head to my new home"

"I love hanging out with Mr. Yesteryear Acres! I am learning how to play fetch!"

The last two pickups for today. The rest head home tomorrow.
Goodbye to our sweet Birdie Babies!  Have fun with your new families!

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