Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mink Doodle

In our ever expanding menagerie of animals here at Yesteryear Acres - we have a new one to add!  We have had baby deer, baby skunks, bunnies, goslings, ducklings, black squirrels, and even a bald eagle visit us and now we can add a mink doodle! Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were walking today when he stopped suddenly and pointed towards the bank of the creek.
I almost was unable to find what he was so excited about and then I saw it.  
Awwwww a cute little mink!  We only had our cell phone so this is the best we could do for pictures.
They have the cutest faces
I am pretty sure it wants me to pet it and feed it and love it forever.
But I will resist the urge and let it be....even though it is sooooo cute! 
Who wouldn't want a little adorable Mink Doodle?!
I hope it hangs around here for a while.  It is so adorable!
Welcome to Yesteryear Acres!!!!

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