Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let's Switch!

Today my son was faced with a list of things he really had no motivation to get done.  I looked at my own To-Do list and felt the same lack of motivation. So many things to do and no desire to start!  That is when my son had the brilliant idea of switching lists! I hadn't had to do many of the things on his list in quite some time and he has not had to do mine. My son said, "why don't we just switch lists?" and suddenly we were both eager to get started.  In no time at all he was vacuuming the house and I was outside weeding the flower garden. We were both really happy with our new job assignments. Guess who doesn't have to make dinner tonight??? Me!!!  Guess who doesn't have to wash all the dinner dishes?  Me again!!!! Guess who doesn't have to gather all the trash for trash day tomorrow? You got it - Me!!!!  My son is just as happy with all the jobs he doesn't have to do.  Switching jobs was brilliant!  Sometimes you just need a break from the same ole same ole.  Looks like it is time for me to pick up sticks. I think I will have a good workout today!

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