Sunday, April 5, 2015

And a Clean House too!

Happy Easter!!!!!  I was welcomed last night by a bunch of adorable Doodle puppies and Doodle doggies.  We were definitely missed!!!!  The happy tail-wagging parade seemed to last forever.  It was a great welcome home.  As soon as I was done petting all the doggies, I looked up and my house was spotless!  I mean SUPER clean!!!!!  Floors vacuumed, laundry all washed and folded and put away and my entire house was dusted.  It was Beautiful!  My sweet dearest Bri came home from college and cleaned the entire house for my welcome home present.  I have to say - that was one AWESOME present!!!!!  After all the hellos and tail wags, it was almost 2:30am before I crawled into bed and then this morning - the Easter Bunny came!  I didn't know the Easter bunny could bring such wonderfulness....
It looks like I was really missed!
Gosh the Easter Bunny must really love me!
Although we had plans to all go celebrate Easter dinner this afternoon with Mr. Yesteryear Acres family, our hot water heater had a different idea. It decided to violently spray hot water all over our basement causing an emergency called, "Let's fix the Hot Water Heater" Easter celebration. Mr. Yesteryear Acres was able to turn off our water, clean up the flooding and repair our heater.  By the time he was done, we were too late to make it to our family dinner. Luckily, we are quite used to the Yesteryear Acres emergency change of plans - and quickly came up with Plan B. No big Easter dinner? Well then......who doesn't love Homemade Pasta for Easter?
It is just like a big Easter Ham right?

We made a sautéed mushroom pasta with Truffle Oil and it was delicious. Right after dinner, Bri had to head back to college and as she was leaving she gave me an Easter present.
My new coffee mug!
Awwwwww.  A new coffee mug and a clean house too! I would say our Plan B Easter was pretty spectacular!  I am so lucky to be surrounded by so much love!
Happy Easter!

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  1. What happened to your water heater is problematic, indeed. It could be preventable, but it is mostly unwanted. I just hope that you were able to have it fixed or have gotten a new one, that is well-built and a bit more long lasting. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you and your family!

    Monique Wells @ Metro Heating


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