Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2nd - Gratefulness Day 2

I am always grateful for Puppy Picture Monday. I am grateful because I love sharing puppy cuteness. I am grateful because I love sharing happiness.  I am grateful because I love my life, my Doodle doggies, my Doodle puppies and the unconditional love that surrounds me each and every day. On this second day of Grateful November, and as with every day - I am grateful for puppy love.
It seems that taking this picture of Sugar's Goldendoodle Girls would be simple..... 
But Sugar had other ideas 
"My sweet puppies! Let's play!" 
"Are we done yet????"

"Mommy is waiting for us!"


"Oh Phooey!" 
"Will this picture work?" 
"Raspberry time!!!"

"Hahahahahaha!  That cracks me up!"

"Alright, I will be good"

"But I won't!"

"Okay, Okay, Okay - we will do Puppy Picture Monday"
"Ahhhhh I love to be snuggled"

"See you Next Week!"
Happy Puppy Picture Monday!
Happy November 2nd!


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