Thursday, July 14, 2016

360* Sunset

This evening as I was driving home from shopping at the Warehouse Club, I was treated to a spectacular sunset.  It filled the entire sky.  My view from the front windshield was beautiful.  My view from the rear view mirror was beautiful.  My view from the passenger window and driver's window was beautiful.  It really took my breath away.  It was actually hard to concentrate on the driving part as I just wanted to stare at the gorgeous sky. I kept wishing there was some place safe to stop the car and pull off so I could take a panoramic picture. The western sky was a brilliant baby blue with white puffy clouds and a bright orange setting sun.  The eastern sky was filled with dark storm clouds illuminated with yellow and orange highlights that gave the storm clouds depth and movement.  The northern and southern skies were the brightest neon pink. Every direction was filled with beauty.  By the time I pulled into our driveway the sunset spectacular was pretty much over.  I will have to keep tonight's 360* sunset image in my memory banks as one of the magnificent sunsets in my life.  It was a beautiful reward for an evening spent warehouse shopping. Thank you Mother Nature!

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