Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How Could I Lose You?

Late last night, horror struck me as I looked at my wrist and it was BARE!  I lost my fitbit!!!!! For some people this might not seem like a big loss but I am telling you a piece of my very soul was missing!!!!!!  I realize at the age of 50, losing a fitbit should not be in my skill set and I should be at the age where I do not haphazardly lose a precious beloved piece of myself, but I did. It was gone.  I quickly got dressed, grabbed a flashlight, and set out in the biggest torrential thunderstorm in search of my fitbit.  I retraced my steps.  I walked everywhere I had been and then started walking places I didn't even walk.  Maybe it is down this road which I clearly have never visited.  Maybe it is over in the bushes, maybe it is behind this wall, maybe it is under this rock!  I followed the torrent of rushing water in the street to where it emptied in the gullies and stood in 3 inches of water, in the dark, with various amphibians lurking and watching, searching for my beloved fitbit.  It was gone.  Whenever someone passed by asking me if I lost something, and I responded with rising panic, "MY FITBIT" I felt better when they had the same reaction I had. "NO!!!  NOT YOUR FITBIT! I couldn't even live without mine!!!!!"  The camaraderie helped and a few people even stopped in the worst storm to help me look.  After about 45 minutes of searching, it was clear that I was not going to find my sweet loyal constant companion.  As I made the long walk back, the irony of my walk was clear.  I probably got at least another 1,000 steps for the day.....but I will never know!!!!!!!  MY POOR FITBIT!!!!!  I am so sorry I lost you.  I will miss you forever!

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