Saturday, July 23, 2016

Validation - Ice Cream is the Safe Choice

Early this morning I went outside to watch the sunrise.  I still had on my pajamas and walked out barefoot so I wouldn't miss the beautiful start to my day.  I stood and admired the sunrise and then thought to run back to my room to grab my phone so I could get a picture.
This is the tail end of the sunrise this morning.  It was quite the sight!
As I was walking back to my room, still barefoot of course, I noticed a branch on the sidewalk.  A branch that moved.  A branch that slivered.  A branch that made a rattle noise.  IT WAS NOT A BRANCH!!!!!! It was a big long rattlesnake RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.  To say that I almost perished on the spot, would be an understatement.  No the snake didn't care that I was there.  No the snake didn't come towards me. No the snake didn't crawl over my bare feet and ask me where my bunny slippers were now. Yes, the snake slithered off into the desert unaware that I was SCREAMING INSIDE WITH TERROR. I am telling you right here and right now that anyone that dares to tell me, "That snake is more afraid of you than you are of it" is a big fat LIAR!  If I had a heart monitor on at that moment, it would verify my near death experience.  All I know is that this is validation that eating ice cream at home is obviously the safer choice in life.  Bunny Slippers.....I shall never leave you again!

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