Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mmmm So Tasty!

This week our Doodle puppies started solid foods.  It is a slow process to transition the puppies from their love of Mommy's milk to a bowl of gruel.  At first they are very hesitant. "Why should we try this?" "What IS it?"  "What happens if I lick it?" "What happens if we all walk through this delicious bowl of food that you so lovingly prepared and run around in it and play with it?" And finally....."Why is it sticking to my feet?!?" It is a really messy affair.  So much food ends up just about everywhere although miraculously, some morsels do make it to their tummies.  The mommy dogs LOVE solid food week!  They wait ever so patiently for their puppies to finish and then the fun begins! Time for the wash and rinse cycle! The mommy dogs are really good at cleaning up all the messy food and the puppies love all the attention.  Tonight, the mommy dogs didn't get a very big treat.  The puppies are starting to lick their own bowls clean. Looks like they are figuring out this solid food thing is a pretty awesome idea! And what's better than a big delicious meal?  Warm milk for dessert! Mommy time!  Good little puppies!

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