Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Mr. Yesteryear Acres

Today is Mr. Yesteryear Acres birthday!!!!  I asked Mr. Yesteryear Acres how he wanted to spend his day.  Did he want to take the day off?  Did he want to relax?  Did he want to hang out, put his feet up, enjoy some air-conditioning, watch a movie or enjoy some other awesome leisure-filled activity? He said yes.........
first, he has to 
Grease the mower
and fix some fencing
and mow the field
and clean the horse trough
and tie up the tomato plants 
and then maybe, just maybe, he can come inside to relax.  Which according to my many years of experience should be approximately 10pm this evening.
That is because Mr. Yesteryear Acres...... 
has been a hard working farmer his whole life.
hasn't changed one bit.
Happy Birthday Mr. Yesteryear Acres
I love you with all my heart!

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