Friday, July 29, 2016

Hard Work Does Pay Off!

Have you ever literally jumped for joy? Hands straight up in the air, feet leaving the ground with a smile so big your very cheeks hurt? Well that is what I did today.  I leapt into the air with pure celebratory joy.  I got the results back from my doctor today and they were fantastic. In the past I had some serious health crises. I survived a drunk driver hitting me as well as surviving a heart attack.  The recovery road has been long and full of hard work.  Today, my doctor report was full of nothing but good news.  I am no longer under-muscled.  In the past 4 years, I have gained over 7lbs of lean muscle mass!!!!  This is a really difficult task because at my age, I naturally LOSE muscle every year so I had to beat that plus gain more!  I strength train regularly and this past year I have been adding more weights and more weights.  I can feel my own strength improving and my test results today proved it.  This alone makes me so proud because I have been working diligently on improving my lean mass.  I also received my bone density results and my bones are really strong! I still have weaker bone density on my left side stemming from the car accident. My left hip is weaker in some troublesome spots but with some new exercises, I should still be able to increase my bone health. I will be incorporating the new exercises into my weekly routine and hopefully increase my density by this time next year.  My right side is super strong so that is awesome too!  I also got my complete blood panel back and ALL my numbers were great!  ALL of them!!!!!  Cardiac markers, inflammation markers, glucose, etc. etc.  I am so proud of myself and want to take this time to thank my family for allowing me the time to heal, recover, bounce back, and come back stronger than ever!!!! And a huge special thank you to my mom, who took me to the right doctors who put me on the path of healing so I could be the healthy happy person full of life that I am today!

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