Saturday, July 30, 2016

When they say rain...they mean RAIN!

We had a wicked storm come through here yesterday.  The storms out west are nothing like the storms at home.  It is so dry here and all of the sudden the winds pick up and you can feel the humidity coming right towards you.  It went from hot, dry, and completely still, to forceful winds barreling down the desert and then the skies turned as black as the night.
The dry desert suddenly filled with rushing water rapids and rivers

And the lightning filled the clouds as if someone turned on a huge spotlight.
It was an amazingly beautiful storm. 

Then rainbow clouds appeared!  They weren't traditional rainbows but clouds of rainbows!!!
It was hard to capture with the cell phone camera but they were just beautiful!!!!!

I think the cactus loved them too.
Heart Cactus!!!!
Thank you rain storm!

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