Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I can hear that!

Our June Doodle babies can now hear us when we come into the room.  Their little ears have opened up and they love greeting us with little yips of appreciation. Now every sound we make is super interesting to them.  "I can hear that!!!"
Here are this week's Puppy Pictures.....Look how much they have grown!
Blossom's 3 F1B Goldendoodle Boys 
They are very good at puppy modeling 
They even have a cute "pillow pose"

So sweet!

Blossom's 6 Goldendoodle Girls

We still have 2 girls available

They are so snuggly!

Marmalade's 5 Double Doodle Boys are really growing fast 
They are already toddling about

Marmalade's 5 Double Doodle Girls are also doing great!

They love coming to see us when we walk into the room

What a bunch of cuties!

A few close up pictures of Marmalade's adorable babies

They are just little butterballs of love

Wanna cuddle?

"Ahhhhh. Just right!"
Happy Tuesday!

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