Friday, July 1, 2016

Best Gardener.....Ever!

Every single evening after dinner you can find Mr. Yesteryear Acres out tending the garden.  Our garden harvest is sure to be bountiful this summer!  We are really looking forward to re-stocking our pantry shelves and filling our deep freezer. Our goal is to put up at least 104 quarts of tomatoes, 52 quarts of sweet corn, 52 quarts of beans, 52 quarts of beets, and 30-40 pints of salsa.  We have lesser amounts of other veggies but those are the "must-haves".
Mr. Yesteryear Acres hard at work 
Hey what if I took a picture of me tending to the sweet corn 
Gosh! I am the best garderner ever!!!!!! 
Don't till the roots!!!!!
Guess I will leave this to the expert.
After all - thanks to this morning's rain shower......
I already watered the whole garden!!!
Best Gardener.....EVER!

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