Sunday, January 22, 2017

And the Best Moral Support Workers Goes To....

My sister's dog Blossom LOVES to go outside and help us with the farm chores. When she sees us getting ready to go work she gets all excited and stands by the door, tail wagging about a million miles per second and ready to go. Once outside she runs and barks and runs around until the farm cat Dottie comes out to play. Once they are finished with their game of tag they follow my Dad everywhere. Just waiting for him to get out the Gator. Now if you ask Mr. Yesteryear Acres it is because they love him the mostest and he is just the best. HOWEVER I have my own theory... Not that I don't think that they absolutely adore him, but I believe they love to follow him around because they LOVE to ride in the gator. As in the whole time they sit in the gator while we work. It really is quite adorable. Sometimes I have to get things out of the bin that's under the box that Dottie sits on top of like a throne. I try and carefully lift the box with the cat up, slide the tote out, and replace the cat and her throne back down- all without disturbing Dottie. I call it Cat Jenga. I am actually quite good at Cat Jenga now.  Well today Ms. Blossom Doodle and Dottie Doodle were quite the duo as they napped in the gator using my brown coat and my Dad's orange sweater. I told them they were the best moral support workers I have ever seen!

They looked quite pleased with themselves with their award.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and that you all have great moral support buddies like we do! 

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