Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy Blue Monday

Just look how cute Blue's Double Doodle puppies are!  They have grown so much this week.  Blue's puppies are just happy bundles of joy.  Everything is wonderful and life is perfect for these cuties!
These warm January Days are awesome for exploring

There is always something fun to do

Like sneak up on unsuspecting sticks in the grass

Or pounce in mud puddles 
Sometimes we even pose for pictures! 
And we can never get too much snuggle time!
Hey! Did you see that new puppy????? 
He sure looks strange to me! 
Hey guys..... I don't think that is a puppy!!!! 
Are you sure?
We are sure!!!! 
It is Bri!
Time to play!
Running around is so much fun
And playing chase is the best game ever 

Let's go!
Ready for take off 
I'm flying! 
This day was a lot of fun 
What do you mean it is time to go back inside? 
But it is so nice and warm out here 
Let's play follow the leader back inside! 
WAIT!  I forgot to go potty! 
We did too! 
Now we are finished!
Ready to go back inside!
Happy Blue Monday!!!!

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