Monday, January 16, 2017

The Mystery of the Missing Toy

Lily's sweet babies are almost ready to go home! They love to go outside and play more and more every day. They are full of spunk and love to play fetch as much as their adorable momma!

Red Lava Collar stretching and getting ready for fun activities

Did we just hear a squeaker toy??

I think we did!!! But where is it coming from?

Black Pawprints Collar and Orange Bones Collar are on the case!

Hey.... Did you hear it over here? I found some leaves in a pile. I sent Blue Pawprints Collar to investigate...

Blue Pawprints Collar? Nope! No squeaker in here!

Hmmmm... maybe Pink Argyle Collar is sitting on it

HEY! OOPS! Have you seen our squeaker toy!?!

I think I heard it over here! LET'S GO!!!

AHA!!! Bri has our favorite squeaker toy!!


Yes! I got it!

Awww come on Camo Collar! I looked for it the longest! 

Hrmmpf.  Sharing is caring you know...

YAY! My squeaker toy! I HAVE IT!!

Butterfly Collar slowly sneaks up on the unsuspecting toy... waiting for the pounce

And she gets it! 

AND the crowd goes wild!

AHHH!!! I'm ready for my turn!! Detective Orange Bones Collar reporting, case closed!

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