Thursday, January 19, 2017

National Popcorn Day Celebration

It is no secret that here at Yesteryear Acres we love food. Today is no exception as it is National Popcorn Day! My Mom makes the best popcorn in the whole wide world. She uses various spices and seasonings to make popcorn batches of perfection. I believe this heavenly tasting snack is the outcome of a collaboration project my Mom and my Aunt had a few years ago... All I can say is BEST PROJECT EVER!! In honor of National Popcorn Day... We took a second to celebrate the only way we knew how, with friends!

Hey Amelia... Whatcha got there?

AHHH!!! Is that Popcorn???

Do you think we could, I dunno.... Have a piece maybe?

I mean we wouldn't ask, but it looks like you have so many pieces in there... surely you would like some help eating all of them

I mean it IS National Popcorn Day, and look how cute we are!


I hope everyone is having a doggone good National Popcorn Day!

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