Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lily Tuesday

Lily's Goldendoodle puppies are just so perfect.  This is Lily's very first litter and she is a terrific mommy.  She loves her little puppies so much and is always taking the very best care of them.  Her puppies all have the longest waviest coats.  They are little teddy bears of love!!!!!  We still have a few boys available in Lily's litter.  Just look at all this Lily Goldendoodle Puppy cuteness!!!!!!!
Here are the boys 
What a little bundle of love

They are tiny cutie pies! 
Getting these 4 boys to all "smile" for the camera was tricky! 
They preferred individual close ups

Well at least one was ready!

Ready, set....click! 
Good job puppy 
They definitely liked the snuggle method of picture taking the best

Ahhhh much better 
Hug time! 
The rest of the boys 
They were great little picture takers 
I love them so much
Well done Boys!!!!

Can't forget the girls!!!!! 

3 Perfect Little Girls to love
Wanna cuddle? 
That was fun.  Let's do it again!
Happy Lily Tuesday!

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