Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Surprise Sleepover

I was leaving Yesteryear Acres very late last night to head back to my house when my Sister's dog Blossom decided she was coming with me. That is right, she invited herself over for a sleepover. I was grabbing my keys when she gave me her very excited face of "OH MY GOSH ROAD TRIP!?!?" "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU". How could anyone deny such a happy dog a car trip and a sleep over? Maverick was super pumped too! It was after all his very first doodle sleepover at my house. So we all piled into my car and headed home. Once we got to my house, Maverick was a perfect host and showed Blossom all around my house. Maverick showed Blossom where his toys were, the bed, he even introduced her to my cats and everything. What a gentleman! After awhile of them playing together I finally was able to convince them that it was bedtime. I don't know how many of you have tried this, but it is quite the challenge to get one human, two cats, and two doodles into one full-size bed. It was like sleeping arrangement Tetris. We settled on me in the middle as a divider, Maverick on my right side (like usual), Gretel on my left pillow, Blossom along my left side, and Hansel on my left foot. As long as no one moved, it worked. However I woke up to Blossom sleeping on the dog bed and Maverick sprawled across the mattress like a goomba. The only animal left in their original spot was Gretel. Even I had my feet hanging off the bed to make more room for the doodles. I don't know how, but I think we all slept great! We made it to Yesteryear Acres on time for another full day of work! Thanks for coming over Blossom! We hope you had a fun sleepover!

Wohooo! To Amelia's we go!

Man that was a long drive.... Good thing we slept all the way there!

Now we can play sleepover games!

Umm guys... Don't you want to go to bed??


Last night's sleeping arrangements

And this is how Maverick was when I woke up! 

Silly doodles!!! I loved our surprise sleepover! Next time let's invite Olive too! :) 

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