Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Blue Wednesday

Blue's Double Doodle puppies are chunky butterballs of love. We have creams, caramels, apricots and reds in her litter.  A rainbow of beauties!!!!!
"Hey Bri....we saved the best puppy picture updates for last. Right?" 
"Oh Boy! Puppy Pictures and playing fetch too?" 
"That is way up there huh Bri?" 
"Thanks for playing Austin" 
"Let's go back in and show off my cute puppies" 
Red Caramel Boy 
Apricot Boy 
So cute! 
Caramel and Apricot Boys

Blue's 5 Boys 

We just love their colors 
and their nice blocky heads 
and silky coats 
So much love! 
The perfect pillow

Puppy snuggles 
The best place to nap
Time for the girls 
6 sweeties to cuddle 
Look at those shiny silky coats! 
The girls were happy to snuggle for the picture

because everyone loves hugs! 
Getting sleepy 
A lap full of happiness 
Happy Blue Wednesday!

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