Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ummm Where Did All the Ice Go?!?

Every day we like to walk around the pond. It is like our mini oasis that brings us peace and fun even if we only have a moment to spare. In the winter I especially love to see how much the pond changes with the rising and falling temperatures. With the warm up we had over the past few days our pond was completely devoid of ice. We even had 7 geese doodles happily swimming in the pond! All signs pointed to a very cold but melted pond. However my doodle Maverick did NOT get the memo. He saw the geese and thought he could just run across the pond and chase them. Maverick learned quite quickly he was a little over his head... Luckily he takes after his human momma and is a great swimmer! The expression on Mav's face was priceless! My Dad and I laughed so hard we could barely breathe. Maverick spent the rest of the pond walk jumping in and out of the pond and swimming after the geese, until at last they flew away. My goofy little doodle was so proud of himself. I think he had the best afternoon ever :) and I was even able to take a few pictures! 

Maverick seeing the geese near the back of the pond

OH MY GOSH GEESE!!! Let's get them!

AHHHHH! UMMM Where did all the ice go?!

I am pretty sure Olive doodle laughed at Maverick too!

Was that a bit chilly buddy?

NOPE! Mav back in the water and on point  

 Off they go!

See you later Geese! Thanks for playing!!!

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