Monday, January 9, 2017

Petunia's Goldendoodle Babies are Heading Home

This is the last Monday Puppy Picture day for Petunia's Sweet Goldendoodle puppies as they are all heading to their new homes this weekend.
They have been the best little Arctic Puppies 
10 degrees outside? No problem!  
Let's Play!!!! 
It's a beautiful winter day! 
What game should we play? 
I am an arctic explorer! 
Being followed by a polar bear! 
That was fun 
Hug time! 
Don't forget your kiss!  
Guess it is time to go back inside 
But we are cozy right here! 
Can we stay out a little longer? 
Because the snow is delicious! 
Okay.....We will come in now
Thanks!  That was fun!
Happy Monday!

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