Friday, January 27, 2017

Doodle Fashion House

I bet you didn't know that Yesteryear Acres is a Doodle Fashion House.  Oh yes.  We have all the latest styles straight from the runway.  You may have been dazzled by our Doodle Hair Accessory Model
or maybe inspired by our Doodle Sweatshirt Model
And I am sure the cool vibe of our Ball Cap wearing Doodle could not be missed 
We even have Doodle models sporting the latest winter accessories 
But I think nothing can beat
the ultra cool
straight from the Paris Runway
Toddler Pull Up Doodle Model!
We let Blossom know it was quite fashionable and would definitely inspire all the supermodels. I am not quite sure if she believed us. The good news is......Blossom is likely to have beautiful F1b Goldendoodle babies sometime in April.  The bad news -  The latest fashion accessory has to stay.
Blossom says, "I wear it well! Might as well take it easy!"
Modeling is such hard work!

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