Monday, January 2, 2017

Petunia Monday

I have so many cute Doodle Puppy pictures to share that I can't possibly fit them all into one day's blog.  Today we will feature Petunia's sweet Goldendoodle Puppies.
We are now big enough to go outside for lots of play time! 
It is our favorite time of the day 
The hugs are the best! 
The humans like them too!
Hey look at this jungle gym! 
Let's all climb on at once 
Did we do a good job? 
Time for a group photo 
I think we should just stay here all day 
Yes little puppies. Let's do this all day!  This is the best way to spend the day.
Looks like we will be out here for a while!
Petunia's puppies say - see you next week!
Tomorrow will be Lily Tuesday!
Happy Monday!

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