Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Orange You Glad I Said Juice?

My dearest sweet Mother has been sick for almost a week and has finally gone to the doctor. Turns out she does in fact have bronchitis. Hmmm I wonder who said something like that days ago??? Anyways being right is not the point.... The point is my lovely Mom is quite, well, icky. Although she is trying to be a champ and help out with all the Yesteryear Acres work my Dad and I are both like "OH MY GOODNESS PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!" I know that gives us way more work without an extra set of hands, but for the love of everything I really do not want her spreading her germs all over the house. I think I have been following her around with disinfectant spray all day long. Finally I got her to sit down and rest. And by rest I mean I finally got her to stop moving and touching everything. I said seven magic words that has made everyone's day incredibly better. "Do you want fresh squeezed orange juice?" Who refuses fresh juice!?!? Once her enthusiastic head nodding coughing fit seized I set out to work. I first lured her to the living room couch, turned on her electric blanket, opened a fresh box of tissues, pulled a trashcan nearby, and then got her to lay down. Once she was laying down I covered her in doodles so she couldn't possibly get up! AHA! Then I headed to the kitchen and got to work. After what felt like a small eternity I finally had enough fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Although I don't think she will ever admit that I MAY have been right... Dearest Mom of mine, orange you glad I said juice?

-- Always Amelia--

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