Monday, January 30, 2017

Chocolate Caramel Cuties are here!

Blue's Double Doodle Puppies are enjoying their last Puppy Picture Monday playtime.
Hey Everyone!

It's Recess time!

Mom said not to get my paws dirty

I am staying in the grass

Me too

Let's go!
Puppy?  What Puppy? 

I love running downhill


Made it

We need a new adventure

What about digging? 
No? Okay, we will find something else to do

Have you seen Olive Doodle Doggie?

She isn't here 
She is not up here either 
Hey, I know.......I'll bring Olive her toy

I found her! 
Hey Olive.....What game should we play next? 
Olive gave me her stick! 
I see Olive's toy!

Got it!
Puppy Play is hard work!
Nutmeg's Chocolate Caramel Cuties!!!! 
We have 3 Chocolate Doodle Babies

2 Girls and 1 Boy

Chocolate Happiness!

And we have 5 dark Caramel Doodle babies

3 Girls and 2 Boys

Caramel Happiness!
Welcome Nutmeg babies!
Happy Monday!

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