Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who ME?!?

Last night my beloved Sister's dog Blossom wanted to accompany my Dad as he cleaned out the furnace in preparation for the ice storm. She was being a good little doggie playing with her stick and toys outside and following my Dad everywhere. THEN I get a lovely phone call from my Dad, telling me that Blossom wanted to look like her best kitty friend Dottie. In case anyone doesn't know, this is what Dottie looks like...

Now my Dad SWEARS he only looked away for ONE second and Blossom came back looking like this....

UHHH Mr. Yesteryear Acres I don't know WHO was playing in the mud

It couldn't have been me at all! I have always looked like this!

To which I said. No dear Blossom... You have always been a snow white doodle head! Time for a bath young lady!!!

Who Me!?! Aw gee Amelia.... not another bath!!!

After what seemed like the longest bath in the world, Blossom was back to her regular coat!

Until next time....

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