Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice Storm Ready

Hello Everyone! It's Amelia here giving you the latest news from Yesteryear Acres as we prepare for winter storm Jupiter.

So far we have:
  • Picked up extra Milk, Eggs, Water, and Bread
  • Purchased more dog food for our special blend
  • Put chains on the tractor tires
  • Got the snow blade ready for action
  • Placed ice scrapers in reach of possible icy spots (to limit slippery steps)
  • Found all our ice cleats for our boots (both the rights and lefts)
  • Generator checked
  • Extra fuel for generator ready
  • Taken our cars to the gas station and topped off our tanks
  • Gathered all the flashlights in the house and checked their batteries
  • Washed all the remaining laundry in the baskets
  • Watched the latest weather updates about every hour or so
Luckily, or unluckily, we had a power outage earlier this week with the huge windstorm that blew through our town and Mr. Yesteryear Acres and Myself were able to do a "practice run" of setting everything up and then putting it away. Now I will be ready to go when ice is falling from the sky!!

Thank Goodness I have my CATastrophe coat to keep me warm!

Stay safe and warm everyone and good luck with the storm!!!

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