Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lily Goldendoodle Cuteness

Lily's Goldendoodle Puppies are little bundles of joy.  They are tiny snuggle puppies that make every day full of happy smiles. They are finally starting to accept our cold weather even though they prefer playing inside the nice warm kitchen.
"We are not so sure about this cold snowy ground" 
"I suppose we could give it a try"
"Come on guys! It might be fun!" 
"I found a gigantic ice cube!" 
"We found a frozen stick" 
"What do you mean I have to share?" 
"This one is all mine!"
"I am going to just sit here until something warm comes along" 
"Oh Bri......"
"Can you come over here?" 
"Hahahahaha!  We are warm now" 
"We like to do this every day!" 
"And make kissable puppy piles" 
Happy Tuesday!

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