Friday, October 25, 2019

A Pumpkin for Ernie

The two little Mango puppies spilled the beans about their Trick-or-Treat lesson to Ernie McDoodle. Ernie had words with Amelia and insisted the only way to make things right was to let him have a turn. 
"Okay Ernie! It is all set up for you!"

Thanks Mom!

Look I can carry it all by myself!

Wait! There are toys INSIDE the pumpkin toy?!

You bet Ernie!

"There is an orange one"

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

"And a black one too!" This is so cool!

So I heard if I bring this pumpkin back to you...

...and say TRICK-OR-TREAT, something awesome happens. 

The puppies were right!! IT WORKED!

Mmmmmmm TREATS!

I am liking this Trick-or-Treat business!

I love you magic pumpkin bucket 

Hey Mom can I see?

Oh whoa it IS cool in here!!

Maverick likes Halloween too!

I guess I only have one more question about this process....

Can I have some more?

Thanks for showing me how to Trick-or-Treat like the puppies!

It is so much fun!

And tasty too!!

I can't wait for the 31st!

"What a bunch of Good Boys!!! I can't wait either- I love spending the holidays with you two!"

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