Sunday, October 20, 2019

Today's Beautiful Day - Courtesy of My Closet

My closet and shelf space are only big enough to hold either summer/spring clothes or winter/fall clothes. This past week I have been freezing because all my long sleeved shirts are still in storage. Late last night, my son and daughter helped me switch my "summer" closet to "winter".  This morning I was so excited to get dressed in nice warm clothes when.....
The sun came out and
it was an absolute glorious day! 
Everything was filled with warm sunshine happiness
and not a jacket in sight!
It was really a perfectly beautiful WARM day 
Today's weather ....Definitely courtesy of my closet! If I only had my shorts and t-shirts available, we would be seeing snow!
Thanks for switching your closet Mrs. Yesteryear Acres 
Why did you wait so long?
Ha Ha Ha!

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