Monday, October 14, 2019

Dinosaurs Sure are Tasty!

Mango's Double Doodle Puppies will be heading to their new homes this weekend. This is their last Puppy Picture Monday!
What should we do today?
We already played in the leaves
and the grass
Let's go find Amelia
Amelia.... We need a new game!  
Amelia gave us a dinosaur!!!
What's a dinosaur? 
I don't know but....... 
Dinosaurs sure are tasty!!!!! 
Amelia says she has more things for us! 
We are coming!
I hope I get there first 
I'm going to beat you!
Amelia gave us a monkey!
And a ragbone! 
Mmmmm Monkeys are tasty too 
Let the Monkey Games begin! 
I've got the Monkey!  
I've got the Dinosaur! 
I've got the ragbone 
Please don't eat Mr. Monkey
But he is so tasty!
Ha Ha Ha! Happy Monday!

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