Sunday, October 27, 2019

Last Swim of the Summer with H&H

The Yesteryear Acres security dog duo, Hickory and Hank (aka H&H) asked if they could take a break from patrolling the perimeter to have some fun. Of course you can doggies! Since temperatures were still warm enough in OCTOBER, they went for the last swim of the "Summer" in the pond. 
Austin your sunglasses have NEVER looked cooler than they do right now!!
"Oh you want me to throw thiiiiiis?" 

Okay Hickory let me show you how to do this properly 

One for the money,

Two for the show, 

Three to make ready, 

And four to GO!

That is the professional water fetch jump. Okay Hickory- let's see you try!

Okay I think I get it. One for the money....

... ohmygosh ball! GO!!!!!!


Hickory, buddy, no no no no. You did that all wrong!
Why don't you try it again. Remember, patience is key. 

Okay, okay I am on it! One for the money...


I will save you ball! 

Sigh. I have a feeling he is not going to get this

You must see the ball

Enter the water

Jump with all your might

And then go get the ball (with your head perfectly above water) to bring it back to Austin

I am hearing what you are saying Hank....



Ohhhhh Hickory. I think there is a reason your nickname has become the Cannonball! haha!
Thank you for the last swim of the summer Austin!

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