Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Training Tuesday! The Adventures of Little Mango

This past weekend I started Always Amelia Puppy Training with one of Mango's Double Doodle girls. Pink Disco collar girl is now little Mango!! I love that she was named after her sweet doodle mama!! Mango has been SUCH a good girl! She was very hesitant about her leash at first, but by the end of the day, little Mango was walking like she has been on a leash every day of her life! I am so very proud of her!
Hello! My name is Mango!
I just LOVE Cheerios!
Amelia gets REALLY excited when I sit when she asks. I love making her happy AND I love my training snacks! Mmmmmm!
Ernie McDoodle is my best friend 
We like to walk to the pond and feed the fish
I am the best girl on a leash
And if you can beLEAF it, I am really good off leash too!
Chasing leaves in the wind is the best!
Amelia says a happy puppy is a tired puppy...
I have to say I agree! I love my adventures as much as I love my naps after!!
I love learning so much with Amelia! I can't wait to show my Furever Family how smart I am!

Me too Little Mango! Me too!!! You are such a sweet smart girlie!



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