Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fun Uncle Austin ... A "Tail" by Ernie McDoodle

I had the best time learning how to Trick-or-Treat the other day! I mean TOYS and TREATS?! Sign me up for more of that. So I got to thinking....what if Austin has more ideas like that up his sleeve?? I just had to ask. I mean he IS called Fun Uncle Austin for a reason! When I heard Austin open the door to Yesteryear Acres I pitter-pattered my paws as fast as I could to greet him. I wagged my tail and gave him my best "good boy" face complete with puppy dog eyes. I think the eyes said it all. Austinnnnnn don't you want to spend some more time together? You just have the best ideas! You are Fun Uncle Austin after all! So do you wanna play?! Do ya, do ya, do ya?!?!?!


I don't even know how this toy fit up his sleeve!

It is like he KNEW we should do this today!

This game is a blast!

Best day everrrrr!!!

He is SO FAST!

How did I miss it again?!


Austin! Austin! I did it! I also think I might be flying!

What a great day. Austin and I had so much fun together. He even called me a good boy! I don't know why, but I am suuuuper tired now. I think it is time for a little doggie nap! Thank you Fun Uncle Austin! 
Love, Ernie McDoodle

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