Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Can you beLEAF it?

Today's hot weather made it a little difficult to believe it is October.  Scout's Goldendoodle puppies found a way to stay cool despite the summer like temperatures.
Nothing is better than playing in a big pile of leaves!
Come and check it out
Let's do that again 
Ready or not here I come! 
Leaf attack! 
You are fast! 
Hide and Seek Time! 
He will never find me 
Now where did he go? 
Heh heh heh I am going to cover up with this leaf
Oh no!  The puppy is gone forever!
Wait a minute......
Ha ha!  I fooled you!
Can you see me now?? 
What about me?! 
I was here the whole time! 
Can you beLEAF it? 
Playing in the leaves is cool 
And comfy! 
You know what I think? 
We should do this again tomorrow!!!!!

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