Monday, October 7, 2019

Hey the Grass is Wet!

We had this weird wet stuff fall from the sky today
They say it is called, "Rain"
I have never heard of such a thing!
Hey this grass is wet! 
I don't want to get my paws muddy! 
Can I get in your boot?  
Don't worry puppies! 
Wet grass is fun!!!!! 
Okay!  We will try it out!
I like how cool the grass feels 
I like how it smells 
I just like it!
Looks like we should investigate this further 
Hi Austin! 
Hi Amelia!  
We are having so much fun today 
We have been running and 
playing and 
loving the cooler temperatures! 
I love October! 
We can't wait to do this again tomorrow 
Thanks for letting us play 
We had a blast! 
Happy Monday!!!!!!

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