Monday, October 28, 2019

Marmalade's Double Doodle Dudes

Marmalade's 4 Double Doodle boys went outside to play with the pumpkin toy for some brotherly bonding time. They say it's the Double Doodle Dudes Day!
Wooohooo we get to play with the pumpkin toy!
Dudes Day is the best day!
I got one of the toys!
Me too!
Oh yeah?! Well I have the whole bucket!!
Fall sure is fun!
And the weather is just lovely!
That is a nice selection of toys you have there...
...hmm which one shall I choose...
...hey wait, what's that?!
LOOK what I found!!
I know you spent a bunch of money on that pumpkin toy but...
Look how much fun this is!
Hold up. I found the treats!!!
Sluuuuurp! If we could just open this lid to the Cheerios...
I saw them put one of the Cheerios in here!
If I could just grab it
allllmost there
Crunch! nom nom nom!
Heh, got it!
WHOA! the toys are back inside!
This is a blast!
What a great Doodle Dudes Day
Yeah! My brothers are so much fun!
Look how strong I am!
I can strut my stuff and carry the toy in my mouth all by myself!
Are you strong enough to do that?
I think so....
and pose!
That pumpkin toy sure was fun!
Looks like it is time for a Doodle Dudes Day nap with my buddy Austin
Ahhh, now that is what I call a perfect day!!!!
We hope you have a wonderful Monday too!

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