Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Little Baby Ernies...I Love You All!

Marmalade's Double Doodle Puppies are finally big enough to venture outdoors.
So this is what we have been missing. 
This seems like a pretty nice place
for lots of adventures! 
I love the warm sunshine 
Me too!
Little Baby Ernies ....
I wish I could keep you all!  
Don't worry Amelia! 
We are all going to find awesome FURever families 
They will love us as much as 
you love Ernie! 
Because we are 4 adorable Ernie boys! 
But for now 
You can hug us all!
And give us lots of kisses 
and snuggles! 
Okay. Okay.  That's enough snuggle time with the boys! 
It is time for the GIRLS! 
That's better! 
We are snuggly cuties too! 
We like adventures 
and lots of hugs! 
Hooray!  It is our turn! 
Let's give them our best pose 
That's was a good one!
Oh Marmalade Puppies........ 

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