Tuesday, October 15, 2019

We Like Monkeys Too

Petunia's Goldendoodle puppies heard Mango's puppies were playing with dinosaurs and monkeys.  They said they wanted to play too!
Hey Amelia! 
We heard you have toys!
What's this?
A leaf? 
I can't beLEAF you thought I would FALL for this!
What about the monkey?!
Yeah!  We want the monkey!
Oh! Mister monkey tastes delicious! 
I am so strong I can lift a whole monkey by myself!
Oh yeah?! I'm so strong I can run with a monkey all by myself!
Hehe he didn't see that one coming! I am so sneaky!
Who wants to play chase Mister Monkey?
We do! We do! RUUUUUUN!
Um? Excuse me? But what if you have a dinosaur?
Pounce the dinosaur!
Tackle the ragbone!
And always take a time out for Amelia kisses!
Then back to the games!
Because there are dinosaurs to be stopped!
I'll save the village from the ferocious beast!
Not on my watch mister monkey! I'll get you!
Amelia makes every day fun!

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