Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nature is a Natural Artist

Since the doggies had their last swim in the pond, Fall has actually started to happen! We love watching the trees change all different colors. You could say that Nature is a NATURAL Artist!

Autumn leaves are falling from the trees

Covering the ground in a colorful patchwork

The landscape looks so beautiful against the blue sky

And the woods are blanketed with the freshly fallen leaves

We think it is such a gorgeous season!

The leaves are really starting to change colors!

From yellows

to deep oranges

and radiant reds!

Each tree is like an artist's pallet 

Full of all the fall hues

Or like looking at Nature's painting

And reminds me of Bob Ross saying, "these are happy little trees!"

It is all picture perfect!

This beautiful fall moment is brought to you by Yesteryear Acres!

Happy Fall Everyone!

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