Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Marmalade's Double Doodle Girls Day Out

Marmalade's Double Doodle Girls said it was their turn for some fun in the sun! They invited Amelia to play outside on the fall day with them...girls only!! It's the Double Doodle Girls Day Out!!!
Amelia brought the pumpkin with her!!!!!
This day just keeps getting better and better!
It is fall fashionable don't you think?!
I agree, it is perfect for October!
This Doodle Girls Day Out is fantastic!
Sisters before Misters!
Thank you for coming with us Amelia!
Plus the toy you brought along is amazing!
How did you know we needed this?!
It makes Girls Day complete!
"Oh you are welcome sweet puppies!"
This leaf makes me Fall fabulous!
I have the perfect accessory!
What else is in here?
What a fun day in the sun!
Where we can run run run!
"You are all so strong!"
"Show me what you found puppies!"
Doodle Girls Day Out has been the best!
Hey there is something in here!
"Oh my gosh who is the cutest little girl?!"
Meeeeeeee! I am!
So much cuteness!
Pumpkin Happiness!
What a perfect fall day...
with my sisters...
running around in the great outdoors!
The weather has been perfect!
As is the company!
Now that is what I call a delightful Doodle Girls Day Out!
Time to go back inside! *smooch!* XOXO
We hope you are having a fantastic day too!!

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