Monday, October 21, 2019

Marmalade's Double Doodles - What We Love

Marmalade's puppies just get cuter by the minute!  We are so lucky to spend our days with such cuties!!!!!!
Do you know what we love? 
Puppy Hugs! 
Puppy Kisses!
 and Puppy Love! 
How about double the love! 
That's a good one! 
We love exploring 
We love wrestling 
I love finding new things
I love seeing what my brother is doing 
Hey what are you doing?
Sitting in Amelia's hat!!!!!
I love chasing leaves 
We love going this way AND that way! 
Leaf Pounce! 
We love you most of all!!!! 
She gives the best hugs! 
Days like these are the best  
So many fun adventures to love!
Like this warm sunny day 
Gosh that feels good! 
I love sharing 
I love posing for pictures 
I love playing hide and seek 
Do you know what else we love?
Belly Rubs!
Happy Monday!

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