Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fruit Fantastic

I love fresh fruit. Love love love it. To have a table full of freshly prepared fruit is like heaven to me. I. Am. In. Heaven. This morning when we walked into the breakfast area - I jumped up and down with joy when I saw the bountiful exotic fruit table that lay before me. The person in charge of the fruit couldn't have smiled any bigger when I expressed my joy over her beautiful fruit. She was quite pleased with my enthusiastic appreciation. She had different juicers in operation behind her and we had no less than 10 different types of fresh squeezed juice to choose from. Banana Juice. Papaya Juice. Watermelon Juice. Passion Fruit Juice. Orange Juice. Pineapple Juice. Grapefruit Juice. All fresh squeezed. All for us to enjoy. I have never seen so many fresh squeezed juices in my entire life! It was a dream come true! And if that weren't enough....there was an entire table of tropical fruits to eat along with the delicious juices. Fresh Mango - all in slivers just right for eating with a spoon. They were just picked and SO fresh and SO delicious! We had Sapote, Papaya, Pineapple, Sour Sop, Passion Fruit - all grown on the island. We even had fresh picked sugar cane! Definitely fruit heaven!!!! This very well may be the greatest fruit fantastic day of my life!!! Fruit-a-licious!

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