Saturday, July 23, 2011

Well at least the tomatoes are watered

Today's blog comes to you from the exotic location of...... dark, hot and stuffy. Once again, we here at Yesteryear Acres have NO electricity. Ah joy. Ah double joy because it is 97* outside. No matter how many times I try - the darn air conditioners do not work without electricity. Neither does the TV, internet, computer, refrigerator or good ole water. We have well water - so no electricity - no water. It is definitely double torture. We had a severe storm blow through here this afternoon and it dumped 2.3 inches of rain in 15 minutes! It was POURING. Everything flooded pretty quickly with that much rain. I was sure to let Mr. Yesteryear Acres know right away that I watered the garden. Even the tomato plants. I did a good job too considering I watered the entire 3 acre garden in 15 minutes! Man I am just that good! The electric went out about 5 minutes into the storm. Last I heard - 1500 people are without electricity and no word on when it will be restored. There is another line of storms headed straight towards us so my guess is that it will be awhile before our pioneer day is over. I would like to say that a day without air-conditioning makes me more grateful for having air-conditioning but that just isn't true. I am REALLY grateful for air-conditioning! I never take it for granted. Days like these only make me MISS my air-conditioning. Our doggies miss it too! My only hope is that maybe just maybe this line of storms will push out this oppressive heat and make tomorrow a nicer day. I haven't much enjoyed the suffocating heat this week and would gladly trade a day of electricity for a week of nicer weather. Fingers crossed for better weather!!!!

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