Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best Walking Reward

This morning at 7:30am sharp, my daughter and I begrudgingly headed out the door for our walk. Each step to the car was filled with hesitation and dread. It already felt like it was well into the 90's and the air was thick with humidity. It took everything we had to open the door to the hot car and pile in for our devoted Wednesday exercise routine. We couldn't really say much as my son was also with us and the cross country team had to run 6 miles while my daughter and I only had to walk. Still - ugh. We didn't want to go. We are usually really really good about the walking and are very upbeat. We congratulate each other along the way and say in our best British accents, "Well Done You!"  This morning - nothing.  We ended up making deals along the way.  How about if we only walk to the bridge? How about if we just walk in the shady parts of the woods? How about if we just walk 1/2 hour out - and then no matter how far we have walked, we turn around and walk 1/2 hour back.  We decided to do the 30 minutes out at a leisurely pace and then return back to the car. Even with our modified workout - it was H O T!  Our poor doggies tongue was hanging out of his mouth by about 12 inches! So as we approached the 30 minute mark.....I couldn't stop.  I couldn't cheat myself out of the full 4 mile walk.  My daughter agreed.  We would finish the entire 4 mile circuit. As soon as we made it to the 2 mile mark and started walking back - right out of the woods a mommy deer appeared with her 2 spotted little fawns.  The fawns were having the best time playing in the open field.  They were clearly playing tag.  One fawn would run to the other fawn and nudge it and then take off in the other direction and then the other fawn would chase after it. My daughter and I just stood in silence watching the baby deer play with the biggest smiles on our faces. We both agreed we have been given the best reward ever for not giving up on our walk.  We would have missed the deer if we had turned around early and we were so glad we kept on walking.  The baby deer reminded me of our little puppies romping all over the yard. They were so cute! The 2 baby deer were completely unaware of our presence and were playing with all their little deer hearts. The mommy deer kept her eye on us but could see we meant no harm.  She let her babies play and we watched until they ended the game and headed back into the woods.  It was the best walking reward ever!

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