Sunday, July 10, 2011

Puppy after Puppy after Puppy

Oh my goodness - we have the cutest pile of puppies ever!!!! Our very small standard poodle Ginger is the mommy and our awesome white imported golden retriever McGyver is the daddy of the cutest little McGyver Doodles. Typically in a standard size goldendoodle litter - we usually have somewhere between 8-10 puppies. In our medium size goldendoodle litters we have 5-7 puppies.  The mommy doggies of our medium size doodles are much smaller so they really don't have as much room to carry a big litter as they themselves aren't really that big. Can you imagine our surprise when puppy after puppy after puppy started arriving? When Ginger got to number 8 - we were all really happy.  When she delivered number 9 - we couldn't believe it. This was the largest medium goldendoodle litter ever. 9 beautiful healthy happy puppies. Yea! Then about an hour later....number 10 arrived. 10?! 10!!!! YEA!  We have a lot of people on the McGyver Doodle waiting list so this is awesome. Ginger also has do I put this delicately........10 places at the milk bar. 10 puppies. 10 spots at the milk bar. Happiness! Wow! All the puppies are doing great and nursing and Ginger is resting and all is well............when number ELEVEN popped out.  We all just stared at Ginger and wondered how in the world she carried all those puppies. While we were marveling at number 11.....yep - number 12 arrived! A DOZEN PUPPIES!  Now we have had litters before with 12, 13 and even 14 puppies - but those puppies were born from mommies that were MUCH bigger than Ginger.  How in the world Ginger fit 12 babies in her tummy is a miracle. Every single puppy is the right weight, no runts, all are taking turns nursing and Ginger is taking really good care of them.
Aren't they cute?
I am so excited to have sweet little puppies again! 12 times the happiness!!!
Weekly picture updates will be posted so everyone can watch the little cuties grow. Way to go Ginger!!!! You are so getting the biggest portion of fresh cooked Chicken and Rice for dinner tonight. You deserve it!

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