Friday, July 15, 2011

Good Day for Swimming Lessons

Another picture perfect beautiful day!!!!  Low humidity, bright sunshine, cool breeze...ahhhhhh.....summer happiness! This afternoon we decided that our labradoodle Olive needed swimming lessons. I know, I know - most people sign their children up for swimming lessons during the summer, but here at Yesteryear Acres - we give the doggies swimming lessons.  Our pond is 20 feet deep and has very low visibility.  If you dive about 3 feet under the surface, you are completely invisible.  Water safety is very important around here.  Olive has been inching closer and closer to the water each day. It all started with a bit of lapping the water at the shore and has progressed to thinking it is alot of fun to chase bullfrogs into the pond. The other day she got about chest deep and the look on her face was pure panic.  The look on my son's face was pure panic as well.  Olive was just about 3 inches from a sharp drop off and I knew right then, it was a priority to make sure Olive knows how to swim. She follows my son everywhere and is always running around the pond while he mows and works.  I know my son could never stand by if his dog were in trouble and I also know they would both be in a panic mode which is a recipe for disaster. He agreed that both he and Olive should brush up on some swimming skills.  Today Olive made huge progress and by the end of the day, she swam the width of the pond twice.  The second time Olive was swimming like a pro.  My son also did a great job brushing up on his swimming skills as he couldn't be shown up by a doggie. I feel much better about both of them running around the pond.  Tomorrow we are going to work on a bit more refining - but for now - it is all going swimmingly! Before too long my biggest concern will be getting Olive out of the water.  We have several doggies that would swim from sunrise to sunset if they could! Guess we have one more swimming doodle to be proud of!

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