Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday Rain Check

Oh the plans I had for today! The big ideas. The family party. The awesome birthday celebration from sunrise to sunset. Oh the plans that Mother Nature had instead!!!!! Torrential downpours. Tree limbs crashing. Neighbor's flag planting itself in our yard. Hurrumph! Grrrrr! My son didn't quite get the birthday celebration I had hoped for. We started out bright and early and it was already HOT HOT HOT as we sweated through our workout.  My son ran several miles for the cross country team practice and I melted through 4 miles of walking. We were so hot and tired when we got home we just plopped onto the kitchen floor.  I recovered quickly and got busy making a big man birthday breakfast. Homemade wild maine blueberry pancakes, ham steak, toast, eggs, potato pancakes - a feast fit for a king. He loved every bite. I think that breakfast was just about the only thing that did go as planned. The rest of the day - not so much. No trap and skeet. No fishing. No campfire dinner. *sigh*  We did get to play some board games inside and are planning on having a nice birthday dinner tonight - just not the campfire dinner he had hoped for.  Don't worry dear son of mine.....Thursday, I have an AWESOME day planned!!!  You are going to be so surprised and we will definitely celebrate your birthday in style. Birthday rain check shall be fulfilled in just 2 more days! It will even be better than our original birthday plans.  And don't worry - we will still have your big campfire dinner another night. Happy 15th Birthday to my boy.....all 6 feet 4 inches of you!!!!!  WE LOVE YOU!

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